Help Feed The Hungry
Hungry for Help and Hungry for Help

You already have a lot on your plate to deal with. So the last thing you want are more problems, right? Well, that’s not how life works. Because as soon as you solve one problem, another one always comes along. It’s either your family. Or your finances. Or your job. Or your health.


Before you know it, you’re stressed out. Worn out. And praying for a way out. You tell yourself things will get better if you just hold on. But, deep down, you don’t believe a word you’re saying, and you’re one step closer to the breaking point.

So, where do you turn when you’re hungry for help

and hungry for hope?

Help and Hope

Turn to “Hungry? Let’s Eat”

…the new, life-enhancing radio show hosted by Pastor Everett Upton and his wife, Pastor Sherry Upton, the founders of Common Ground Ministries.

If their names sound familiar it’s because the Uptons have been feeding the hungry in places like New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania since 1986.

Now, through this amazing radio show, God is using them to feed people in a different way – by giving listeners the insight, encouragement, and spiritual enlightenment they’re hungry for.

Tune in and you’ll hear inspiring discussions, entertaining music, and sensational guests.

You’ll also hear Pastor Upton and his wife deliver the Word of God in a style that’s not “churchy” or “preachy”, but straightforward and easy to understand it.

By sharing their own personal experiences, you’ll learn about the countless challenges this dynamic couple has faced. All the times when they were hungry for help, hungry for hope, hungry for a brighter day. And how their faith in God enabled them to overcome those obstacles. And they want to inspire you to do the same.

Listen to “Hungry? Let’s Eat” every Sunday morning from 7-8AM on the World Wide Radio Network 1100 AM Urban Classics. And get the spiritual superfood you need to nourish an extraordinary breakthrough in your life.

We Feed The Face Of Hunger.

Have you seen the face of hunger lately? Well, you might not recognize it. Because the face of hunger isn’t just the person holding a cardboard sign asking for money to buy food.

Today, it’s also the teenage girl you see waiting for the school bus. The elderly gentleman you sit next to in church. The co-worker you share family photos with.  And the neighbor who lives right across the street. At Common Ground Ministries (CGM), we know the face of hunger because Pastors Everett and Sherry Upton have been feeding the hungry in places like New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania since 1986.

In a country with such enormous wealth, we believe everybody should have enough to eat. Unfortunately, 1 out of 8 Americans risk going hungry each day. That’s 43 million people!  Our goal is to reduce this staggering number to zero. And CGM is working alongside a nationwide network of food banks to accomplish this mission. Find out more about Common Ground Ministries and how you can help.

570 801 2699
Ministry Hot-line

203 Route 196, Suite 104a,

Tobyhanna P.A, 18466

Hunger is everywhere. Fortunately, so are food pantries.
With the CGM “Are You Hungry” app, you can find a food pantry in your area, no matter where you are.

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